welcome to local haus

Thank you so much for booking with us. This page is a guide to both our home and our recommendations in Brooklyn and beyond. If you have any questions or issues just give us a shout via Airbnb messages or text 646-306-6136 for the quickest response. We take pride in our Super Host status so if your experience is ever less than 5 stars please contact us so that we can remedy right away. Enjoy your stay!



The Guesthouse Apartment

The guest house apartment is located on the top floor of the house. Check-in is after 3pm. Check-out is 10am. The main entrance to the house is equipped with a coded entry lock to make self check-in easy. You will receive a code to access the house throughout your stay approximately 48 hours before your arrival. The apartment itself has a physical key that will be in the apartment door’s lock. Upon check-out, just replace the key in the door’s lock.


tech info

We offer Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime & YouTube TV via apps on your tv. For live tv including sports and news, use the “live” feature on YouTube TV. The tv doubles as a piece of art while not in use – just press the button once and goodbye ugly black box! To power all the way off just press and hold the power button on the remote.

Wifi network: “localhaus” Password: “15517STREET” Sonos speaker: “guesthouse”



The welcome snacks and coffee are sourced from our favorite local vendors, and we provide fine bath products from our favorite NYC apothecary, Kiehl’s. The luxury queen bed mattress is made by Leesa and we provide high quality bed linens from Brooklinen & Matteo LA. Many of the art pieces in the house are from local makers that we have collaborated with. Please inquire about sources if you see anything you’d like to purchase.

rules / care

We want you to feel at home and enjoy your visit, so we only have a few asks while you are staying with us –

** Please remove shoes when inside the apartment. NYC streets are dirty and we like to provide a clean sanctuary inside our home to all guests. Removing your shoes helps us deliver a great experience to future guests.

** Please use coasters with all drinks on delicate surfaces. Especially the beautiful marble table top in the bedroom.

** Please, please, please take care of the bed linens and towels. Remember this is not a hotel so treat these with the same respect you would show while visiting your family home. We understand that accidents happen, so if something is stained please let us know right away. Thank you!

** For long term houseguests we could use your help keeping the plants alive and healthy! If you are frequently out of the house during the daytime, leaving the blinds open to allow them to get some sunlight would be appreciated. On occasion we might also ask for your ok to water a plant when convenient.

how to make a great cup of coffee

On our travels we keep coming across coffee shops that brew individual cups of “pour over” coffee. And we’ve fallen in love with the method and think it offers the best cup of coffee possible. So we’ve passed on a traditional machine coffee maker in the apartment and provided all of the tools to get a great cup of coffee. Here’s how to go about making pour over coffee.

** The most important part of the process is getting the right water temperature (200 degrees). The in-apt electric kettle has a temperature setting so just fill to the max line and set your temp to 200.

** While the water brews place a coffee filter into the top of the glass Chemex coffee maker. Add coffee. We recommend measuring out 2-3 large heaping spoonfuls of ground coffee per cup. Pour water over coffee slowly allowing to “bloom.” Enjoy!

** The glass coffee maker is not dishwasher safe, so please hand wash.


local favorites…